More and more women are coming forward to speak out and expose Harvey Weinstein for his alleged sexual misdeeds spanning for about three decades. Since the scandal came out earlier this month, the movie mogul has faced multiple accusations from former female employees and celebrities, who have shared their own experience of sexual assault and/or harassment with the producer.

Sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein

Dominique Huett is the latest actress to break her silence on the issue. In fact, the actress has decided to file a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company after the horror she experienced with the award-winning director.

TMZ cited the filed lawsuit claimed that the organization was aware that the producer was using his power to force young and aspiring actresses to engage in sexual contact with him.

The actress also narrated her encounter with the studio boss who offered to help her in building her name in the industry. The alleged incident took place at a hotel bar in November 2010. Dominique Huett claimed Harvey Weinstein kept staring at her breast before he asked if she could show them to him.

Harvey Weinstein then invited her to his hotel room for a meeting that turned sexual. The actress stated the producer was wearing nothing but robe when he stepped out from the bathroom. He then asked her for a massage and insisted until the actress complied.

The "Shakespeare in Love" producer then asked more evading questions and persisted in showing his disgusting behavior in front of the actress although she refused to agree to them. Harvey Weinstein then offered Dominique Huett a role on "Project Runaway."

The Weinstein Co. sued in light of scandal

Jeff Herman said his client is suing the Weinstein Company for allegedly turning a blind eye on the producer's behavior.

The lawyer also thought the lawsuit is not barred by the statute of limitations since Dominique Huett is suing the company and not Harvey Weinstein.

Aside from the actress, a former production assistant on a Weinstein-produced TV series has also spoken out to allege the studio head of sexual assault. Mimi Haleyi echoed the same experience that most women have said in their statements.

She said the producer asked if she could give him a massage after she was escorted to his hotel room after the Cannes Film Festival in 2004. Mimi Haleyi was able to escape the first encounter although felt humiliated after the incident. The film mogul reportedly continued to bother her until the time he invited her to his house and forced her inside of what appeared to be a kids' room and made sexual advances toward her.