As Marvel topples the international box-office and fan expectations with successful movie after successful movie, the DC Extended Universe is trying hard to catch up. But after three disappointing films in a row, DCEU hit gold with the uncharacteristically vibrant and witty take on the ultimate female superhero in “Wonder Woman.” And as the upcoming “Justice League” is poised to be another win for the comic based franchise, DC is excitedly moving forward with its plans to make a cinematic world as vast and complex as its rival.

DC is growing up fast

After the incredible reception that its early films received, Marvel was quick to form a plan that would set them up for success in the long run. The idea to release the movies in phases was born, and they are currently set to complete phase three with “Thor: Ragnarok” and move into phase four with “Black Panther” this coming February. The new “Avengers: Infinity War” will also be released next year, which will be an extravaganza of all the heroes seen thus far throughout the Marvel films. By the end of 2018, the MCU will have released twenty films over eleven years.

With a humble four films over five years, DC knows it needs to catch up quickly and is accelerating plans to do so.

According to Nerdist, DCEU has six films on the horizon with set release dates and plans for another fifteen on top of that, which includes Joss Whedon’s much anticipated “Batgirl” film. One such film on the docket is “Shazam,” which recently found its leading man.

Welcome the newest member of the DCEU

It was reported by Variety that actor Zachary Levi has recently been hired to play the titular role in DC’s new film for a superhero that is likely unfamiliar to a lot of people.

Shazam is the alter-ego of an orphaned boy named Billy Batson, who, after an encounter with the mysterious Wizard, is granted the ability to transform into an adult superhero version of himself imbued with godlike magic and power by saying “Shazam!” Although no plot has officially been revealed, previous reports of Dwayne The Rock” Johnson taking on the role of the role of the nefarious Black Adam in a DCEU movie would suggest that the story will revolve around the conflict of Shazam and Black Adam.

Zachary Levi is best known as the star and title character of “Chuck” and has also appeared as the voice of Flynn Rider in Disney’s “Tangled” as well as playing Fandral in the “Thor” films. “Shazam” will be directed by David F. Sandberg, who helmed the critical successes “Lights Out” and “Annabelle: Creation.” Production is set to begin in a year with a predicted date of release sometime in 2019.