Someone is set to be back in the continuation of Criminal MindsSeason 13 Episode 5 titled “Lucky Strikes.” The fan-favorite Shemar Moore will return to reprise his role as Derek Morgan after quitting the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in season 11.

The former Supervisory Special Agent will be reunited with Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to work on the toughest case BAU has encountered so far. He will be helping the Technical Analyst face the return of the psychotic, prolific, cannibalistic serial killer Floyd Feylinn Ferrell (Jamie Kennedy).

Two returning characters

In “Criminal Minds” Season 13 episode 5, Derek Morgan will be dropping by at the BAU to comfort Penelope Garcia as the return of Floyd Feylinn Ferrell brings back a lot of memories from the past.

Shemar Moore’s character will be helping his “baby girl” to solve what seems to be their toughest case. "It's the most mind-blowing case they've ever faced," “Lucky Strikes” teaser warned the fans.

The cannibalistic criminal’s comeback also relives Garcia’s emotional scars after being shot when they went after Ferrell for the first time, TV Guide reported. The serial killer’s return marks the longest gap between appearances for a recurring character. He was last seen in the third season’s eighth episode titled “Lucky” 10 years ago.

After his exit in the 11th chapter, Morgan returned in the previous season’s finale to give the BAU a clue to Mr. Scratch’s (Bodhi Elfman) hideout.

Morgan and Garcia’s special connection

In an interview with TV Line, the television show’s executive producer Erica Messer revealed that Derek Morgan’s return in “Criminal Minds” Season 13 episode 5 will be mainly because of Penelope Garcia.

Although it might be good news, it comes with bad news as Floyd Feylinn Ferell continues to disturb the whole BAU team. The most affected of them all is Garcia. Fortunately, she has Morgan by her side to help her from breaking down.

"She's going to deal with a reminder of [being shot] and [she] may or may not get a little pep talk from Morgan," Messer said.

Morgan has a special relationship with Garcia, although they have never shared a romantic connection but just a sibling-like bond. His love for his “baby girl” was very evident as he stayed by her side during her recovery. On the other hand, she used to call him “hot stuff” and “gorgeous.” She, too, feared for his life when she thought she was about to lose him in the episodes “Mayhem” and “Lesson Learned.”

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 episode 5 titled “Lucky Strikes” will air on October 25 on CBS.