Andy Cohen has been confirmed to replace Kathy Griffin as the co-host for CNN's New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper. The "Watch What Happens Live" host personally delivered the news to his social media followers on Wednesday.

His appointment came several months after CNN cut its ties with Kathy Griffin for attacking Donald Trump in a disturbing photo shoot. The female TV personality has been a co-host of the year-end broadcast since 2009, along with Anderson Cooper.

Kathy Griffin under fire for beheading POTUS in photoshoot

Her controversial representation of the U.S. president has forced the gigantic network to terminate their contract with the female host. Even her co-host was "appalled" by the "disgusting and completely inappropriate" gesture to attack the leader.

The standup comedian personally uploaded the said photo of her holding an effigy of Donald Trump's decapitated head. Shortly after she saw the backlash from both critics and supporters alike, Kathy Griffin immediately took down the image and uploaded a video message to apologize for the issue.

She, however, refused to apologize to the POTUS for her bloody representation of him in the photo shoot.

The comedian admitted that she has "crossed the line" and acknowledged that her act has caused an outrage among the public.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and the First Family slammed Kathy Griffin over the "disturbing" photo. The U.S. leader called the comedian "sick" and said that his children were greatly affected by her act. Melania suggested that the female host should have herself checked after coming up with such idea.

Comedienne bounces back after backlash

The 56-year-old host, on the other hand, claimed she was bullied by the First Family over the controversial photo. But despite the backlash, the comedian refused to back down and promised to discuss her ongoing feud with Donald Trump during her "Laugh Your Head Off" tour.

The series of shows will kick off in New Zealand this October 17.

Similarly, Kathy Griffin reassured that "nothing is off limits" on the show.

Prior to the announcement of her first world tour since the controversial photo, the "Suddenly Susan" actress denied that she will be facing legal charges over her representation of the U.S. president. On Sunday, Kathy Griffin just made her first public appearance, wherein she donned a Donald Trump mask for a drag show in Los Angeles.