Monday was a big day for fans of "Star Wars." Both a new trailer and a new poster for "The Last Jedi," the newest installment in the franchise, were revealed. In both, the late Carrie Fisher makes her mark as General Leia. It could just be lip service from Disney in an effort to honor the fallen princess, gone too soon at 60. Or perhaps she plays a major role in the upcoming center film of the latest trilogy. Either way, there is clearly an effort underway to make sure that Fisher is far from forgotten.

'The Last Jedi' elements revealed

First came "The Last Jedi" poster, which was released shortly after 8:00 PM ET.

The poster is very much in the style of other "Star Wars" posters, with the cast of characters all crowded around the middle, with a visual color motif (this time red, with the exception of Rey's blue lightsaber) and an overarching figure (Luke Skywalker). Fisher isn't the most prominent person in the poster, but she is the one smack in the middle, which counts for something.

Fans had to wait a whole two hours to get "The Last Jedi" trailer, which debuted during halftime of ESPN's Monday Night Football. That officially put fans into a tizzy.

Leia wasn't a focus on the trailer, but she definitely played a part, with her scene involving parallels to the destruction of the first Death Star. For the next two and a half months, that will draw speculation to the method the writers will use to take Fisher out of the last film in the trilogy.

More on Fisher's role

"Star Wars" producers are notoriously good at keeping plot details under lock and key.

So Fisher's actual part in her final movie is not yet known. In "The Force Awakens," she was revealed to be a prominent general in The Resistance. Her main arc, however, involved her romance with Han Solo, who is now gone. One would imagine that Leia's part in "The Last Jedi" will focus more on her role as a general, in addition to her relationship with son and dark side Sith Kylo Ren.

Initially, Fisher's arc was expected to carry from "The Last Jedi" into the untitled "Episode IX," but since her passing, it has been decided that she will not appear in the final film of the trilogy, making this her final film role. All eyes will be on the screen - with tears rolling down individual's eyes - to see how her final role is handled.

Tickets are now on sale for "The Last Jedi," which will receive its major motion picture release on December 15, 2017 - less than two weeks before the anniversary of Fisher's death.