Bob Weinstein is speaking out on his brother, Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct allegations. Younger by three years, Bob owns as much of The Weinstein Company as his brother, but often lived under his older brother's shadow. In an explosive new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the CEO of the company admitted that he knew his brother was cheating on his wife, Georgina Chapman, but was not aware that his sexual acts with a lot of women were not consensual. He admitted that he was "quite aware" that his brother was "philandering with every woman he could meet" and even said that he was "sick and disgusted by his actions." However, Bob claims that he did not know that "that was the type of predator that [Harvey] was...I thought they were all consensual situations."

Younger Weinstein planning to take legal action against his brother?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bob Weinstein is ready to fight for the company's decision to fire Harvey Weinstein.

He explained that the Weinstein Company's board decided to fire Harvey was a united one, saying that he was one of the members of the board who decided to oust his own brother. He said that if and when Harvey decides to fight back, Bob will definitely stand his ground. He said, "I fired him. He can fight [but] it will be a losing fight."

Weinstein opens up about the company

Now that Harvey Weinstein has been ousted from his own company by his own brother, Bob is determined to turn the company around. He shared that among the many plans they have for the company, they're also planning to change its name. Bob Weinstein promised that the new name "won't be familiar." He added that the reason why their family name was in the company's name was that "Harvey was the face of the company.

That's what he loves. It's actually part of this whole thing, being famous." Bob explained that unlike Harvey, the division that he was in charge of was in fact "more successful financially" than that of his brother." He also shared that as CEO, he "[runs] it differently" than his brother and that they need not do it the way Harvey did.

Verbal abuse

Bob Weinstein shared that his brother, Harvey was verbally abusive towards him. He shared that he was often the "object of a lot of his verbal abuse" and even expressed regrets for not speaking out sooner. He apologized for not speaking up "stronger and sooner," and that despite all criticism aimed at him, promised to fight for "what I believe is right." Harvey Weinstein has since denied all sexual misconduct allegations fired at him.