Blac Chyna has filed several lawsuits against the entire Kardashian family recently. She has now provided court documentation, which supports her claim that Rob Kardashian underwent an expensive surgery. The surgery was optional and Chyna is arguing that Rob should have been saving the money for their daughter Dream. Chyna and Rob have a tumultuous relationship and even though the pair promised not to target one another, anymore it appears that they cannot help themselves.

Evidence was provided to the courts

According to Metro, Blac Chyna is claiming that Rob Kardashian had a Weight Loss Surgery when the couple was together.

She has stated that he paid a sum of $100,000 for the surgery. While this may seem inconsequential to the ongoing court case between the couple it shows the judge that there is another side to Rob Kardashian. It appears that he has lied to the media as he claimed that he achieved his new look through diet and exercise.

In a report by the Daily Star, Blac Chyna has stated that Rob Kardashian continues to lie about things that happened when they were together. She claimed that he was often physically abusive to her. However, Chyna has yet to provide the courts with evidence of these claims. The celebrity is not only going after the image of her ex, she has also filed to sue the entire Kardashian family.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Blac Chyna is attempting to sue everyone from Kylie Jenner to Khloe Kardashian. She has stated that the Kardashian's were actively bullying her and turning their own fans against her. Chyna revealed that she was receiving hateful messages from the Kardashian's fans and claims that they did nothing to prevent this from happening.

She has also claimed that they have tried to get her reality TV series banned. This was Chyna's only form of income when she was pregnant with her daughter Dream. Without the series, she would not have been able to support herself or her child. She has claimed that the Kardashian's were not only affecting her livelihood but the livelihood of their granddaughter and niece.

Rob determined to lose weight

According to Metro, Rob Kardashian has not replied to these claims that he underwent a weight loss surgery. The celebrity is still dealing with his weight issues and is determined to lose the weight. rob realizes that he needs to be healthy in order to be there for his daughter. Rob has had an ongoing battle with food addiction ever since he first began to experience depression.

Rob is being sued by Blac Chyna for a number of reasons. The first being that he released revenge porn of Blac Chyna online. He is also facing other charges, which include physical and emotional abuse. The court cases between the couple do not look like they will be stopping anytime soon.

Blac Chyna is determined to bring the entire Kardashian family down and will stop at nothing to get the justice she desires.