NBC’s popular talent show is gearing up for a new season and it has just been revealed that singer Alicia Keys will be returning as a coach for the next installment. With Keys' return, fans are wondering if No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani will also come back to the show.

"The Voice" Season 13 is currently on its sixth episode and updates for the next season have already emerged. After taking a break from the show, it has been revealed that Keys will return to join Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and a new judge.

Alicia Keys is back on ‘The Voice’

Fans rejoiced when NBC recently announced that Alicia Keys is officially returning for the 14th season.

The “Fallin” singer debuted as a coach in the said talent show on its seventh season in 2014 and returned to coach again in Season 11 and Season 12.

In April 2017, Keys sat down for an interview with TV Insider and said that The Voice” Season 12 would be her final appearance in the show. However, contrary to her comment, she will be coming back for the next season of the show to coach alongside Levine and Shelton again.

President of NBC Entertainment’s Alternative and Reality Group, Paul Telegdy stated that they are thrilled to have the singer back on the show because her optimism and competitive spirit encourage competing artists to win. Keys had a good run in the show, finishing third place with her team member, We McDonald in Season 11 and winning the competition in Season 12 with her artist Chris Blue.

Aside from her return to the show, the singer also revealed that she is currently working on her seventh studio album. She released her sixth album “Here” in November 2016 and it has sold 131,000 copies worldwide.

Will Gwen Stefani return, too?

With the latest update on the new season of “The Voice,” several fans are wondering if the show will ever bring back Gwen Stefani.

She was a coach in Season 7, Season 9, and Season 12.

Stefani’s debut appearance in the show replaced former coach Christina Aguilera because the latter had to tend to her pregnancy at that time. Stefani and Keys then left the show after Season 12 and were replaced by the current coaches, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson.

Though there are still no news whether or not Stefani will come back and reunite with Shelton, “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson will be joining “The Voice” for the first time as a coach in Season 14.

Clarkson’s participation was confirmed in May 2017 when NBC also announced that Hudson will be joining Season 13.

While waiting for the premiere of “The Voice” Season 14, Clarkson is currently busy with her new album “Meaning of Life.” She announced last month that her latest album will be released on October 27.