The "Game of Thrones" Season 7 finale finally confirmed the infamous R+L=J theory that proves that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Because of the confirmation of Rhaegar’s annulment of his marriage to Elia Martel and his secret wedding to Lyanna, it also proved that Jon Snow is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

Ever since the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 finale where Lyanna entrusted to his brother Ned her son’s true name, fans have been posting theories about Jon’s true identity. When it was revealed to be Aegon Targaryen, pundits were puzzled as to why Rhaegar would give the same name to his second son.

But more importantly, what happened to the first Aegon Targaryen?

Why Aegon?

Fans have believed for a long time that Rhaegar’s son with Elia (also named Aegon) had already died with his mother and sister. However, before this event, Rhaegar wanted another son as he believed that one of his sons would be the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised. When it was learned that Elia could no longer bear more children, it became a driving force for Rhaegar to leave her.

The season finale confirmed that Rhaegar and Lyanna fell in love with each other and ran away together, negating the basis of Robert’s rebellion. Robert claimed that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna and raped her. This rebellion earned him the Iron Throne.

It was believed that Rhaegar gave Jon Snow the name Aegon, a great name for the House of Targaryen because he knew that his son would achieve greatness and save the Seven Kingdoms.

Did Maester Aemon know?

It can be recalled that Maester Aemon, the brother of King Aegon (Jon’s great great grandfather), alluded to his brother when counseling Jon Snow about leadership.

During the time, Jon was a newly minted Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and was unsure of how to handle affairs within and beyond the Wall.

Maester Aemon told him about a similar dilemma faced by his brother (whom he fondly called Egg) during his rule. He gave Jon this famous advice: “It takes a man to rule. An Aegon, not an Egg.

Kill the boy and let the man be born.”

According to a report by Inverse, fans believe that the emphasis on Maester Aemon’s advice may be a clue that he knew Jon’s relation to the Targaryens and maybe even knew his real name.

The other Aegon Targaryen

The "Game of Thrones" Season 7 finale also hinted at the introduction of the Golden Company, a group of 10,000 sellswords (in the series, it is 20,000) who will pledge their loyalty to the Crown for a fee.

In the books, the Golden Company has in its roster a character named Young Griff, who is believed to be Rhaegar Targaryen’s long lost son with Elia Martel, Buzz reported. While this conflicts with the earlier belief that The Mountain Gregor Clegane murdered the boy before he raped and killed his mother, fan theories indicate that he was saved before he died and was smuggled out of King’s Landing to Essos.

Varys also reportedly knew of his existence and is hedging his bets on Aegon to become a better ruler on Westeros than his aunt, Daenerys.

Fans are wondering if the HBO series will explore the introduction of another potential heir to the throne with only six episodes remaining in the final season or if they are incorporating the two Aegon story lines into Jon’s character. Unless author George R.R. Martin releases the last two books in "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga, fans will have to rely on how the series will deliver the finale.