"depression doesn't have a face or a mode." This was how Chester Bennington's wife described what her husband was going through. Talinda, who has been married to the Linkin Park singer for 12 years, recently shared a Video of the late rocker just hours before he took his life. Chester was seen having a great time with his family, laughing and joking around with his kids.

Chester Bennington was found dead in his Palos Verdes, Los Angeles home on July 20th. The rockstar is believed to have committed suicide with law enforcement officials confirming that he was found hanging from a door in his bedroom.

His body was found by a housekeeper.

Chester Bennington playing with kids 36 hours before his suicide

When news of Chester Bennington's suicide came out, friends shared that he didn't seem to be in a position to commit suicide. One even noted that the artist was in a "good place in his life," notes Daily Mail. This claims seem to go well with a video shared by his wife on Twitter.

Talinda Bennington shared a clip on her social media page showing the vocalist having fun with his family just 36 hours before he took his life. In the 40-second video, the Linkin Park member was playing with Bean Boozled, or trick jelly beans, with his kids, while Talinda captured the precious moment. Chester was shown gagging as he swallowed a "rotten egg"-flavored jelly bean.

His kids were heard laughing off camera.

There was no trace of depression or loneliness on his face. No one knew that hours later he would be taking his own life at 41 years old.

Mrs Bennington captioned the post with: "This is what depression looked like to us just 36 hrs b4 his death.

He loved us SO much & we loved him." She also claimed that the video is "the most personal tweet" she has ever posted. She added, "I'm showing this so that you know that depression doesn't have a face or a mood."

The video has been retweeted over 22,000 times, and liked 48,500 times. It has also received an outpour of love and gratitude.

Draven Bennington speaks out about suicide

Chester's son Draven Bennington has also spoken against suicide in a video for the World Suicide Prevention Day. As Linkin Park's "Numb" played in the background, the 15-year-old pledged to "help yourself, not hurt yourself."

"I want to make a commitment that I will talk to someone before I hurt myself when I’m feeling depressed, sad or going through a hard week, month or year," Draven shared.

Bennington is survived by Draven, his mom Talinda, and five siblings.