vicki gunvalson hasn't been the most popular woman in shannon beador's life. For a while, the two were friends while filming the show, but Shannon was quickly hurt by some of the things Vicki was saying. Shannon keeps bringing up the fact that Gunvalson was involved in the cancer scandal that rocked "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Even though Vicki claims she is innocent and Brooks Ayers has said she's innocent, Shannon can't let the betrayal go. She brought it up on this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" even though it happened years ago.

Despite them not being friends, they do film the same reality show together and Shannon has shared some emotional issues this season.

According to a new report from Bravo, Vicki Gunvalson is now speaking out about the marital issues that Shannon has been sharing on the show. Beador has revealed that everything that went down with Vicki last year was enough for her to gain 40 pounds. Her co-stars have revealed that they don't understand why she gained all of the weight, but Shannon was clearly rattled by the accusations that David had beaten her. In her Bravo blog, Vicki revealed that she hopes Shannon can work out her personal issues, as they are affecting her marriage to David.

Flawed marriage

Of course, Vicki Gunvalson has been in a marriage that didn't work out. She divorced Donn while she was filming "The Real Housewives of Orange County," so many fans knew what had gone wrong. She was clearly devastated over everything that had happened, but she moved on with Brooks Ayers. That didn't work out well for her either, so she knows that flawed relationships often come to an end.

Now, she's hoping that Shannon can work through the issues she couldn't.

"It was only a year ago when they renewed their vows, and I am sad to see where they are now and hope they can turn it around and make it work," Vicki wrote in her Bravo blog about Shannon's marriage, adding, "I encourage Shannon to stop complaining and stressing out to David, as it seems like he just wants peace in the home and happiness."

Unnecessary stress

Vicki predicts that Shannon is bringing unnecessary stress into the marriage.

David doesn't seem interested in hearing what she's dealing with, as he may think that she's overreacting. She gained 40 pounds because of something Gunvalson had said about their marriage. David seemed pretty cool about being accused of being a wife beater, but Shannon completely broke down. Vicki predicts that Shannon is adding unnecessary stress to the situation and making it worse.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson's comments about Beador's marriage?