Tyler Baltierra has been filming the seasons of "Teen Mom OG," where he has discussed his adoption thoughts, his dreams of having a career, and his wife's battle with depression and anxiety. Catelynn Lowell has revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to their daughter Nova, but she was already struggling with depression after giving up their other daughter Carly for adoption. They have shared their struggles on "Teen Mom OG," but after years of filming the show, they decided to launch a business. On the previous season of the show, Tyler revealed he wanted to start his own business and he knew he wanted to design children's clothing.

Tyler launched Tierra Reign while filming the show and he revealed he had found his passion. He shared the journey of his start-up with the hopes of inspiring others. Up until now, Baltierra has managed to create various pieces for the toddlers around the country, but it sounds like he may be thinking about creating some pieces for the adults. According to a new Instagram post, Tyler Baltierra was recently wearing a hat with his business' logo and people were quick to ask where they could get a hat for themselves.

Could be growing his clothing company

While Tyler Baltierra may not have thought about growing his business with adult clothing, it sounds like his fans may be telling him that they want adult sizes.

He could be sitting on his next business idea without knowing it.

"Reppin that Tierra Reign today! Head to tierrareign.com to get some unique threads for your kiddos! #TierraReign," Tyler revealed on Instagram, to which fans started inquiring about buying adult sizes, asking, "Will you be adding adult clothes to the line? I would rock a hat or shirt in support for sure.

If even teen fashion for my girls."

On "Teen Mom OG," Tyler only wanted to do children's clothing. Catelynn had talked about how she wanted to turn the company into a foundation one day, where she could help people with adoption and going through what she went through.

MTV success continues

Of course, MTV continues to ask him to return to "Teen Mom OG" every year.

This has only helped him save his money to launch this business. By filming the show while launching his business, he can market his products to the viewers.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra doing adult clothing? Do you think he should grow his business with adult sizes or do you think that would ruin the entire business concept?