Tom Cruise is reportedly blamed for negligence by the families of the two stunt pilots who were killed in a plane crash on Sept. 11, 2015, during the filming of “American Made” in Columbia. Apart from Cruise, film director Doug Liman was also being accused of the same claim.

Considered a “biographical crime film,” “American Made” depicted the journey of a TWA pilot, Barry Seal, who was recruited by the CIA for an operation in Central America. Even though the plot of the movie appeared simple, its production was actually not.

Dangerous project

According to the lawsuit filed against the film producers — Cross Creek Pictures, Imagine Entertainment and Vendian Entertainment — Alan Purwin, one of the two pilots who died in a plane crash during filming, wrote an email that described the film as “the most dangerous project” he’d ever encountered.

Apart from Purwin, Carlos Berl also died on the scene of the crash during the film production two years ago.

Jimmy Lee Garland, on the other hand, is the third pilot who was left injured. In fact, Garland’s lower body was paralyzed.

Due to Purwin and Berl’s death, their respective families blamed Cruise and Liman because of their desire to create a “high-risk, action-packed motion picture.” According to Vulture, Cruise and Liman’s enthusiasm to film several flying sequences contributed to the “circumstances” that resulted in a plane crash.

The families also blamed Cruise and Liman for their negligence. The families claimed that they allowed the dangerous flight to take place despite the fact that the “vintage aircraft” needed to fly across an “unfamiliar mountain” amid bad weather conditions.

Not defendants

Even though the families blamed Cruise and Liman, they were not named as defendants in the lawsuit. Based on the court documents, the families are blaming the producers’ “lapses” in the plans, coordination, and schedule during the risky flight.

They added that the producers wanted to save time and money so they ignored the flight’s safety procedures, as per People.

The lawsuit, which was filed in April 2016, also detailed that an executive producer was also complaining about Cruise and Liman. The EP even sent a “formal complaint” to the insurance firm, saying the 55-year-old actor and the director kept adding “scenes and aerial shots” that were “most insane to deal with.”

The families added that Cruise was also an “experienced pilot” who could navigate the plane that crashed.

Meanwhile, the families of the pilots who died in the crash are also suing one another, while Berl’s family is suing Garland, the third pilot who survived the crash. Meanwhile, Cruise and Universal Pictures have yet to comment on the claims.

‘American Made’

Speaking of the movie, “American Made,” Cruise revealed that the movie was a “unique adventure” and the character of Barry Seal was “wild.” In the video published by IGN, Tom Cruise said that the whole story piqued his interests, saying the film “needs to be made.”

Together with director Doug Liman, Cruise added that they experienced the “right sense of adventure” by personally going to the jungles of Columbia despite the warnings that the place is known as a habitat for wild animals such as gorillas and tigers. Liman, on the other hand, revealed that they wanted the characters to be “original and unique” that will match the uniqueness of the film’s story.