The Chainsmokers recently teamed up with the South Korea Boy Band BTS as the two musical groups co-created new songs, combining their respective genres together. This will be the first time a Korean boy band will team up with artists based in the United States for a new album track, Billboard reported.

One of the members of the duo, Andrew Taggart worked with the BTS rappers to create a new song for the upcoming new album of the K-Pop group. The album is called “Love Yourself: Her,” local newspaper The Korea Herald said.

The management team of The Chainsmokers confirmed on September 11 that Taggart will be among the writers of the new songs from the upcoming album.

The song is titled “Best Of Me,” and will be a dance beat that follows the style of the K-Pop group, Billboard added.

BTS has been posting photos of the group together with The Chainsmokers duo on their official social media accounts. The captions reveal their excitement for the collaboration.

Fusion of two different artists

The upcoming music collaboration “Best Of Me” will infuse hip-hop rhythms that mix the iconic sounds of the American DJ duo and the iconic beats found in many of BTS’ songs, KPopStarz reported.

BTS has previously worked with various other artists in the United States aside from the DJ duo. These artists include Halsey and former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello. The Chainsmokers is delighted about the partnership which they wanted for so long, the entertainment-oriented website noted.

In fact, the announcement came out on the same day that the American DJ duo performed in the cities of Busan and Seoul in South Korea. The Chainsmokers has known for their tracks “Something Just Like This,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Closer” among many others.

Korean boy band

BTS has seven members in the group.

They are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Most of their presence is centered on social media, one of the reasons why Forbes named them as the most retweeted artists in music history.

Prior to the release, their upcoming album has already garnered over a million pre-orders. It will be the boy band’s newest album since “Wings” and “You Never Walk Alone,” containing tracks that earned high places on the Billboard 200 list, the report noted.

A highlight reel of the newest album “Love You: Her” has been posted on YouTube. It now has over nine million views since it has been uploaded.