When DC Comics and Warner Bros come together, one always expects something classic. This time around, DC’s old-school “Teen Titan” is being adapted in the form of a TV Series. The action-packed show has already begun its filming process and as Variety reports, they have even found the perfect actor for Robin’s role in the series.

Brenton Thwaites' role in the show

Brenton Thwaites has officially been given the role of Dick Grayson for “Teen Titan,” according to a report by Variety. The actor has appeared in many Warner Bros titles including, “Pirates Of The Caribbean,” and “Maleficent.” Dick Grayson is a young, handsome but extremely vigilant leader of the Titans in the show.

The runners of “Teen Titan,” feel that Thwaites is perfect for the role as not only does he look perfectly young and handsome (just like Dick Grayson has been described) but he also boasts of a great acting talent. The show is going to loosely be based on the life of Greyson and his group of “Titans.”

Living as nothing but the shadow of Batman all his life, things change when he decides to become independent. He begins recruiting superheroes from all corners of Gotham and calls his group, “Titans.” Grayson’s personality is very much like Batman’s – dark and mysterious, but Grayson will come across as being more humorous, a report by Den Of Geek claims. DC Comics decided to go ahead with the narration of this super hero character from the show because he has both an emotional depth and the physical presence that an iconic super hero usually has.

A long planned project

In fact, Warner Bros has been planning to get this project together since 2010. A cartoon series was created and made official back in 2000. Since then, the character holds an iconic presence among its fans. The show is expected to premier in 2018. According to what Deadline has to report, it will probably consist of roughly 13 episodes and will probably air on Netflix and DC-branded online platforms.

Goldsman will be accompanied by Johns in writing the script and possible story-line of the show. Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will also take part in creating surprises-filled sequences. The group is known to work on many super hero TV series, including “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” and “Supergirl.” Apart from this, Berlanti will also be the producer for the show, with Schechter acting as the co-producer. Fans just have to wait a bit more for the show.