Selena Gomez was recently a subject of major controversy, after naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber were shared through her official Instagram account. Even though the pictures were taken down immediately, it managed to cause a ruckus to both the stars involved. This moment of embarrassment is expected to follow with more scenarios like these. A report by Hollywood Life claims that Gomez is now bracing herself for a leak too.

The leaked pictures of Justin Bieber

Facebook-owned Instagram flagged several high-profile users because hackers are currently on the look-out to hack celebrity accounts, a report by Daily Beast reads.

After Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is on the top of the list. Representatives of the star are already preparing for a potential leak, that might end up making her personal photos and messages open for public viewing. Officials at Instagram even go on to state that hackers have managed to establish access to celebrity’s personal emails and phone numbers. This potentially puts all the A-list personalities in a very vulnerable position. Instagram also offers the option of chatting privately along with uploading pictures. There is some really personal information that is being shared as well. If the wrong people were to get their hands on it, then it could end up being extremely embarrassing for all.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, celebrities are being advised to change their passwords.

The hackers are after celebrities

This isn’t the first such case where a glitch in technology has managed to cause a ruckus in the life of celebrities. Apple’s iCloud storage system has been targeted before, which has led to the spilling of personal data and pictures of many of the celebrities.

Given that Selena Gomez is among the most-followed-celebrities on Instagram, it is obvious why the hackers would select her as their first target.

The consumer group is large in size, and therefore, such private information will take less time to reach the rest of the world. Furthermore, as pointed out by The Sun, hackers are always on the lookout for certain key information.

For instance, private details such as email addresses, passwords of other accounts, bank details and other important conversations between two important people, hold way more value to hackers than it does, to normal people. These hackers usually plan on utilizing such data to their benefit, either in the form of ransom or to satisfy their own twisted requirement.