Tamra Judge has become close friends with shannon beador over the past couple of years, as they have both bonded over the fact that they felt screwed over by Vicki Gunvalson. Both ladies felt stabbed in the back, as they are both convinced that she lied about Brooks Ayers having cancer. Because Vicki admitted that she had fabricated some stories in regards to Brooks' cancer comments, her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars believed that she had indeed faked the cancer story altogether.

During Monday's episode, Vicki asked Tamra to talk while they were at Kelly Dodd's home.

They went to the bedroom and Kelly was present to mediate. But without asking, Shannon Beador walked into the bedroom and stood behind Tamra. She wanted to make her mark, but Judge hadn't asked for assistance. While Beador thought she was being a friend, she looked like a bully and she sadly looked insecure. It looked like she didn't want Tamra and Vicki alone in case they made peace. According to a new report, Tamra Judge is now speaking out about how she felt after Shannon came into the room.

Shannon jumped into the conversation

Beador felt she had the right to be there to support her friend as Kelly and Vicki have become great friends. She saw it as a fair move. As for Judge, she is coming to her friend's defense, revealing she didn't look crazy like people are saying.

"Shannon walked down after hearing Vicki screaming at me, knowing Kelly was with her. She just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting ganged up on. That does not make her “crazy," Vicki. That makes her a good friend. When Vicki started screaming about David, I had to just walk away," Tamra explains, revealing that she just had to walk away before the drama became too much for her.

Solved nothing

Even though Vicki really wanted to talk to Tamra Judge, the conversation at Kelly's house solved nothing. Judge was hurt by the rumors that Vicki had discussed Eddie's sexuality behind her back, while Tamra had been open to a genuine sit-down over coffee. It sounds like this conversation won't be happening, especially if you ask Shannon Beador.

It sounds like she doesn't want to lose time with Tamra, as she has no intentions of making up with Vicki. Some viewers reveal that she feels threatened by Gunvalson, as she and Tamra were good friends at one point.

What do you think about Tamra Judge's decision to speak out in defense of Shannon? Do you think she looked overprotective of her friend?