"Star Wars: Episode IX" is not immune to the problem affecting galaxies far, far away. Colin Trevorrow will no longer be directing the final installment of the franchise's new trilogy. The director and the production team supposedly parted ways mutually, although it remains to be seen whether or not that's the truth. Either way, a new director needs to be found fast, before the release date of "Episode IX" is put into danger.

Trevorrow gone from 'Episode IX'

Tuesday marked the end of Trevorrow's time at the helm of "Episode IX." He was named the director of the film over two years ago, back in 2015.

Right before that decision was announced, his biggest film of all time, "Jurassic World," was released with some success. Suddenly, it was clear that he could be trusted with an even bigger franchise, such as "Star Wars."

But things started to fall apart earlier this year, with a failure reading as devastating writing on the wall. "The Book of Henry" crashed and burned this summer. It received negative reviews from critics and failed to earn even half of its budget at the box office. Suddenly, the "Star Wars" execs had reason to be concerned about his ability to lead a project, despite previous success. There weren't many rumblings that something was rotten in Denmark, but clearly, there were some frazzled nerves.

Now, "Episode IX" is without a director, with the clock continuing to tick down to the release date.

'Star Wars' and failed directors

The departure of Trevorrow may seem sudden to some, but it continues a troubling trend for the "Star Wars" franchise. For whatever reason, directors have become interchangeable with every installment.

Recently, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord lost their gig directing the Han Solo spinoff. Four directors have now lost their jobs making a "Star Wars" film in the past two years. A writer on "Episode IX" also recently lost his job.

For now, the focus is on finding a new director for "Episode IX." There are no clear names emerging from the pack, but there are suggestions flying around social media.

One name being tossed around is Patty Jenkins. She achieved success with "Wonder Woman" and would hold the distinction as the first woman to direct a "Star Wars" movie. Rian Johnson would be another understandable selection. He's already directing "Episode VIII," so the universe would have a consistent director who could keep the storyline and character threads accurate.