Season 14 of "Grey's Anatomy" welcomes a new cast member: Abigail Spencer, who plays Owen's sister, Megan. In ABC's teaser clip, fans see a smiling Megan, who is seemingly happy to see Riggs. Meredith Grey is in another triangle. Will fans love or hate Megan this season?

New season to premiere on September 28

This fall, ABC network's TGIT is once again alive with the return of shows from Shondaland, headed by Grey's creator and drama genius, Shonda Rhimes. The new season will premiere on September 28, ahead of "How To Get Away With Murder."

Fans who have cheered on Meredith's decision to move on last season are now worried about their favourite character.

For those who already forgot what happened last season, here is a brief recap: After sorting out the mess with her jealous sister Maggie Pierce, Meredith still had to let go of Riggs. She even had to tell Riggs that the love of his life is alive. Riggs was overjoyed for a second but realizes that he should not be too thrilled in front of Meredith.

Amelia unhappy?

The last time Dr Teddy Altman was on "Grey's Anatomy," the hospital was still called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Cristina Yang was still around, and Lexie Grey was alive. Her departure juxtaposed with the events leading to the horrible plane crash that killed Little Grey during the season 8 finale.

Teddy returns in "Grey's Anatomy" season 14 to bring Megan back to Owen, the love of her life.

It remains to be seen if Teddy is still harbouring some romantic feelings for her old friend. It is worth noting that, in the ABC season 14 teaser, Amelia is not exactly friendly towards Teddy.

In the teaser, there is a brief scene involving Teddy, Meredith, and Amelia. Teddy tells Meredith to stay away (presumably from Megan).

Amelia butts in, saying Teddy should know her place and not talk to Meredith in that manner. Fans can expect some new conflicts among the doctors this season. For fans of Cristina Yang, Teddy's return will be a painful reminder of the acerbic cardiothoracic surgeon, who is no longer around.

The couples

Meredith is not the only one who will figure in a Love Triangle this season.

April is convinced that something is brewing between Jackson Avery and Maggie. Meanwhile, Alex Karev and Jo Wilson are ready to be friends again. However, De Luca won't let go of his feelings for Jo.

For her part, Jessica Capshaw's Arizona Robbins is likely to start the new season without a partner. Calzona fans terribly miss Callie, but there has been no confirmation of a reunion for these two in season 14. For now, fans could only brace themselves for the rollercoaster ride of emotions in this new season.