Ryan Serhant is currently working on some of his biggest deals of his career these days, as he recently revealed that he wanted to buy a company. He wanted to purchase a company and merge the two to create a massive business. He had to ask his wife, Emilia Bechrakis, for advice and permission, as this would take him away from home for a while. He knew that he would need her support and help. She agreed that this would be a great business investment, even though it would require him to use millions of dollars from their shared account.

While Ryan shares many business ideas and milestones on "Million Dollar Listing New York," he's currently not focusing on starting a family.

Fans are curious about when he and Emilia will have Children, as fans have now watched them meet, date, break up, get back together, and get married. Fans are hoping that they will share their baby journey on the show, so everything can be full circle for Ryan. According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is now revealing that his projects are his main priority and he's excited to watch them grow.

Fans want babies

Even though Ryan Serhant may be invested in his business these days, fans really want him and Emilia to start having children. On his Instagram post about his projects, one fan directly asked him about having kids.

"Amazing view!! Love being able to get a glimpse into yours and beautiful Emelia life.

Yes, you're beautiful too Ryan. Keep up the great work!! But [when is] the baby phase happCan'tg!! Can't wait to see how gorgeous the babies will be!!!" the follower wrote to Ryan.

Serhant and his wife have both revealed that they do want children but they are not in a rush to make it happen. They are working on being a married couple first, as they are coping with Ryan's increasing work schedule.

How his life has changed

When Ryan Serhant first started filming "Million Dollar Listing New York," he was living alone, worked hard, and didn't even leave the city during Hurricane Sandy. However, these days he's managing a huge business and has hired several people. He is married and is now contemplating when to have children.

One can argue that Ryan is indeed busier than ever. In addition to everything he has shared on "Million Dollar Listing New York," he's also filming his own show, "Sell It Like Serhant," where he gives sales advice to people in need.

What do you think about Ryan Serhant having children? When do you think he should start trying?