Ramona Singer stayed safe in New York while Hurricane Irma hit Florida and the Caribbean islands. One can imagine that Ramona was saddened to see the damage that the hurricane managed to do, as she has often traveled to these exotic places to vacation with the housewives. While Ramona was safe in the big city, she learned that her ex-husband Mario Singer had no plans of evacuating before the storm. After Singer divorced him, he decided to leave New York and leave the spotlight that "The Real Housewives of New York" had created for him and retreat to a calmer lifestyle in southern Florida.

Perhaps he was tired of fans stopping him and asking him about his public affair with a much younger woman.

According to a new report, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she was concerned for Mario, as he wanted to ride out the storm. Unlike so many residents of Florida, Singer decided to stay put where he was. He had no interest in evacuating and he didn't want to jump on a plane to be with his ex-wife or daughter. Ramona opened up about her concerns for her ex-husband, as the storm approached late last week.

Still cares about cheating ex

“My daughter and I are concerned that he won’t evacuate," Ramona revealed prior to Hurricane Irma, adding, "We both reached out to him. But he says that he’s gonna bunker down and sit this one through.”

Ramona Singer clearly still cares for her ex-husband, as she wouldn't make a big deal out of him sticking it out if she didn't care about him.

Perhaps she cares about him for the sake of her daughter, who didn't want to lose her father in the biggest storm to ever hit the United States. While Ramona didn't force him to leave, she was still concerned about his well-being. She hasn't updated fans on whether she has heard from him. It is possible she hasn't heard from him, as thousands of people don't have power at this time.

Change of lifestyle

Mario Singer decided to leave New York after his affair with a much younger woman hit the news. He hadn't told Ramona or his daughter about the fact that he was seeing a younger woman, but Ramona wasn't happy about it. She wrote a book about how she got through the affair and how she has moved on. Perhaps Mario wanted a new lifestyle as he lost his wife and daughter when he chose to have an affair.

Ramona and her daughter Avery have since made peace with the affair and they do give him time to hang out at times.

What do you think about Mario leaving New York for Miami after his divorce from Ramona Singer? Are you surprised he decided to stay in south Florida during the storm?