American film director Patty Jenkins has finally signed a contract with Warner Bros. to direct the sequel of "Wonder Woman." The lead actress, Gal Gadot has already closed the deal to return to her role of "Diana Prince." The new movie is set for a release on December 13, 2019. It was first reported by "Variety," that the 46-year-old director had already started to work on the script for the upcoming sequel. Jenkins teamed up with Geoff Johns on the script, who looks after the DC film universe.

How much will Patty Jenkins earn from the sequel?

Although the exact amount is still unknown, sources say that Jenkins has been offered a paycheck of around $8 million to co-write, direct and produce the upcoming movie.

Jenkins who initially signed the deal for only one "Wonder Woman" movie, will also be given a fair share of the box-office earnings of the sequel. This contract makes Patty Jenkins the highest paid female filmmaker in the history, whereas she was only paid $1 million as a director for the first movie.

Highest opening for any female filmmaker around the globe

The first part of this superhero movie cost around $150 million and grossed $103 million on the opening weekend -- the highest opening for any female director worldwide, a title that previously belonged to Sam Taylor-Johnson for directing "Fifty Shades of Grey." "Wonder Woman" earned $409 million in the United States and $813 million worldwide.

Apart from the 2019 sequel, Patty Jenkins is also working on a TNT TV serial with Chris Pine, whom she worked with in "Wonder Woman." The series which is still in progress is inspired by the life of writer Fauna Hodel.

Initially, Michelle McLaren was directing 'Wonder Woman'

Jenkins came on board the "Wonder Woman" team after replacing Canadian director Michelle Maxwell McLaren, who quit the project over creative disagreements.

McLaren has directed episodes of some very popular TV shows including "The X-Files," "Breaking Bad," "Game of Thrones," and "Westworld."

Although the first "Wonder Woman" movie was set in Europe, Jenkins said that she would like the sequel to be filmed in a background of the United States. Even when Jenkins wasn't officially a part of the second movie, some fans wanted Lynda Carter to make an appearance in the 2019 sequel. Carter played "Wonder Woman" in the 1970s TV series, and while responding to fans regarding the matter, Jenkins tweeted that "we won't stop trying" to bring her onboard.