Meghan Markle, 36, recently faced some backlash from royal watchers for attracting attention when she recently gushed about her love for Prince Harry. A few months ago, Harry made an people for people to give his girlfriend some privacy.

Editor Ingrid Seward said it made Prince Harry’s plea utter nonsense. Biographer Penny Junor, on the other hand, expressed that royals who say less happen to be in the most successful relationships.

Meghan Markle's other admissions

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the "Suits" actress also admitted that being constantly hounded by reporters poses challenges.

The object of affection of Prince Harry also told the magazine that she has avoided reading any articles about herself, a tactic she learned from Prince Willliam’s wife, Kate Middleton.

Markle and Prince Harry have quickly gone past the getting-to-know-you stage and become more serious with each other. However, it is only recently that the American actress has explicitly stated that she and Harry are in love and happy.

Some individuals regard Meghan Markle as one smart and affectionate royal girlfriend. Royal correspondent Rebecca English tweeted that neither Markle nor Harry has spoken about their relationship in such a revealing manner or terms before.

The two A-list celebrities have many things in common, including a burning passion for philanthropy.

Both were raised by mothers who were able to ingrain in them the importance of considering the social good and always being open to help others.

Toronto-based Markle has gone on several trips to the UK, attending social events with Prince Harry, including the wedding of his childhood friend. Harry, for his part, has spent lots of time in Toronto with Meghan Markle’s family.

During the birthday of the actress in August, Prince Harry brought his lady love to Africa for a romantic weekend celebration. Such a sweet gesture fueled media speculations that announcement of their engagement was at hand. To this day, that has not materialized.

Support system in place

During those moments when media had intruded too much on her privacy, Markle said she has been able to rely on the support system offered by people close to her, not to mention her boyfriend’s support.

Prince Harry decried that it was not right for Meghan Markle to be subjected to intense media scrutiny bordering on abuse and harassment. To date, the attractive Hollywood actress has taken it all in stride.

Meghan Markle became one of the most watched female celebrities after being spotted with Prince Harry numerous times a year ago. She said that she has not changed, even citing that she has never defined herself by her relationship, as she told Vanity Fair.

Such statements reveal that there is more to Meghan Markle than what meets the eye. The actress and UN Women's advocate has exuded confidence and authenticity, endearing her to many people across the world.