Meghan King Edmonds gave birth to her daughter Aspen last November, as her daughter decided to come a bit early. She was due in early December, but on Thanksgiving weekend, Aspen decided it was time to come out and meet her parents. Meghan questioned whether she should film "The Real Housewives of Orange County" with the ladies when she became a mother, as she really wanted to move forward with a stressfree life. The ladies had just been to Ireland, where many of them had started fighting with one another. While Meghan wasn't involved in the drama, she clearly questioned whether this environment would be healthy for herself and her daughter.

But Meghan decided to film the show anyways and fans are now seeing her struggle with her baby. While she was excited about meeting Aspen, Meghan is also admitting that motherhood is tough. She's not sleeping and she admits that she's worn down emotionally. But at least there's something to celebrate these days. According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that her daughter is 10 months and she has officially hit the double digits. Of course, it seems like yesterday that King Edmonds announced that she was pregnant with her daughter.

Hitting double digits

It sounds like Meghan King Edmonds is indeed a very proud mother, as she has taken care of a little baby girl from when she was a newborn.

One can imagine that King Edmonds was emotional when she first met Aspen, but it sounds like these two have created quite the bond over the past many months.

Many fans have asked Meghan if she would be interested in having another baby, but she has revealed that it is something she and Jimmy would have to talk about.

While King Edmonds may be eager to have another, her husband may hold back as he always has other children. King Edmonds would probably go through the entire IVF process even though it was painful for her.

Sharing much with her fans

Meghan King Edmonds has been very open with her life over the past two years. To inspire others, she documented the IVF process on a special Instagram account that she opened up.

She's also sharing snippets from her daily life with little Aspen in Instagram live, as she films her going into the nursery to get Aspen out of her crib. This weekend, she explained that Aspen wasn't sleeping like she was supposed to and she should nap more. Perhaps some fans find this information useful for themselves.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds celebrating her daughter's milestone?