Reports of Luke Bryan judging alongside Katy Perry on a new season of "American Idol" are making the headlines. There is no confirmation from ABC and its partners Fremantle and Core Media. However, many sources already confirmed that Luke Bryan will be a judge at the start of auditions for "American Idol," which will commence in about a week.

Luke Bryan is the second judge to be chosen to sit at the judging table of the upcoming season of "American Idol."

Lionel Richie was supposedly considered for Bryan’s seat, but Richie is no longer on the list of possible judges for the show.

ABC and its partners have yet to comment on whether this is true or not. However, with the start of auditions looming, ABC needs to find their third judge soon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Perry has already taken a reported $25 million contract with "American Idol." With the hefty amount taken out of the allotted budget for the show due to Perry’s contract, it may mean that Bryan and the third judge may not be paid as much as her.

Luke Bryan as a country singer judge

Although Bryan’s judging days have not yet been confirmed by ABC and its partners, Variety mentioned that their sources already confirmed the country singer as the new judge that will work alongside Katy Perry. If Bryan is really the second judge of "American Idol," then there is one more spot to fill.

Bryan might be a good choice to judge the revival of the show as his achievements speak loud and clear. He is categorized as a country singer who has officially released five albums since 2007. His past three album debuts have always hit number one on Billboard’s Top Country Album charts.

Katy Perry as first chosen judge of ‘Idol’ revival

Back in May, Katy Perry was reported to be the first judge to be chosen to sit behind the table for American Idol. However, there was a bit of controversy as her supposed contract took a big chunk of the allotted budget for the show, taking away half of the budget.

On the other hand, Ryan Seacrest was offered $10 million to keep hosting the show. For all of Perry’s success, she may be worth the top dollar that ABC is reportedly giving her.

However, what does this leave Luke Bryan and the other judge left with? As of the time of writing, the answer to this question is still unclear until ABC, Fremantle, and Core Media announce who the other two judges are.

If Luke Bryan will take the second seat, then he and Perry will be working together with Ryan Seacrest as he will be back to keep hosting the show.