On Monday and Tuesday "The Bold and the Beautiful" had episodes where Liam turned his father into the authorities for burning down the Spectra building. On Wednesday and Thursday, however, Liam had the upper hand where Dollar Bill is concerned and this time it was not a dream.

Liam gains control over his father

Liam had only been pondering the outcome of exposing his father's secrets earlier in the week, and as he did so, he had a powerful revelation. He told Steffy that for the first time ever he had the upper hand over Dollar Bill and he decided to use it.

Liam showed up in his dad's office just as Bill was trying to cheat CJ regarding the money to purchase the Spectra property. Liam asked CJ to wait outside and then he took his father to task for his sins.

Liam told his father that he was taking over as president of the company and that Bill was going to announce a leave of absence. This did not go over well, and Bill Spencer had some choice words for his son. Liam coerced his dad into admitting that he paid someone to burn down the Spectra building. He threatened to call the police if Dollar Bill did not immediately turn "Spencer Publications" over to him.

Spoiler alerts indicate life will become pretty bad for Dollar Bill

If Spoiler alerts are correct, then life as Dollar Bill Spencer knows it is over.

Liam is going to force him out by obtaining controlling shares of Spencer stock. Wyatt, Katie, Caroline and even her mother will all help Bill's son to obtain control of his vast fortune. Spoilers suggest that Liam will help Sally rebuild her family company, and will prevent his dad from erecting his beloved skyscraper. Even Brooke will want to see her husband punished when she finds out what he has done.

Time is running out, and Liam had better move fast because Sally has decided to leave town, and was saying goodbye to Steffy as Liam was giving Bill his ultimatum. Everyone involved will want to see Bill Spencer get what is coming to him a watch his life go from bad to worse. Bill lied that Caroline was dying which caused Thomas to move to New York.

He also told everyone that the fashion show in Monte Carlo as a tie, but Liam found out that Spectra won and Forester lost.

Will Bill go quietly or put up a fight? Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and keep watching for spoiler alerts to find out how Bill Spencer deals with his son having leverage over him.