Kristin Cavallari is currently in hot water for calling herself a Single Parent despite being married to Jay Cutler. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress revealed that her family just moved to their permanent residence in Tennessee. She, however, added that her husband will have to leave their home for five months while he plays for Miami Dolphins in Florida.

'The Hills' actress slammed by single parents

She explained that her two sons are currently in school and thought that it would make no sense if the entire family will transfer for a five-month stay in Florida.

Hence, she and her husband have decided to live separately for now until the NFL player can finish his commitment with Miami Dolphins. “So, I’m a single parent for the next five months," she said.

The mother of three even emphasized that being a single parent "hasn't been as hard as [she] thought it was going to be" with the help of a nanny and her mother-in-law. Her comments, however, did not please some single parents who took offense at Kristin Cavallari's remarks.

Some commenters deemed Kristin Cavallari's statement "insulting," while others asked the actress to learn her lesson from this controversy.

The "Finger Prints" actress is happily married to Jay Cutler for four years now. The couple was blessed with three children, Camden (5), Jaxon (3), and Saylor (1).

Since she drew backlash for her controversial "single parent" joke, the 30-year-old actress has remained tight-lipped on the issue.

Cavallari talks old 'Laguna Beach' pals

Meanwhile, Kristin Cavallari had a mini reunion with her "The Hills" co-star, Heidi Montag, at jewelry pop-up store on Wednesday. But even if they do not see each that often, the actress and fashion designer said that she is still in contact with her "Laguna Beach" co-stars.

"I talk to Heidi [Montag] and Audrina [Patridge] all the time.

Both Alex's from "Laguna [Beach]," who have babies. Literally, everyone has become a mom. It's really cool to see," she said.

Kristin Cavallari, on the other hand, gushed about her only daughter, Saylor, whom she said has a lot of similarities to her. “We call her the honey badger because she’s just pure sass. She’s adorable, but she will literally rip your face off," he said in PEOPLE interview.

She went on, “She sits up on the top of these slides and there are other babies at the bottom, and she’ll sit there yelling at them to move like, "Move, move!" she says."