One of the most loved on-screen as well as off-screen couples since 2012 has been Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. They play the characters of Jon Snow and Wilding Ygritte in the hit series, Game of Thrones.” Rumors regarding their engagement have been around since last year. According to a report by The Mirror, Harington has finally popped the question and Rose responded positively. The two are engaged and are set to get married soon. An insider told The Sun that the couple still hasn’t decided the exact date for their wedding yet. They have, however, begun informing their close friends and family members about the news.

Kit and Rose's relationship

Kit Harington first met Rose Leslie on the sets of “Game of Thrones.” Their characters, Jon Snow and Wilding Ygritte, had a romance for an entire season. Leslie’s character, however, had been killed off towards the end of “Game of Thrones” season 5. Their off-screen relationship has only grown stronger since then. The insider (quoted by The Sun) further went on to add that Harington has known since the very beginning that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rose. But he was taking the relationship slowly. At first, he wanted to get a house with her and settle down properly, the insider added.

The couple bought a $2.4 million mansion in East Anglia in January and the pair have been living-in together since then.

When Harington was asked about his decision to move in with Rose by James Corden in June, he had stated that he felt like he moved in with his best friend. He further went on to add that the live-in relationship with Rose was going very well. Kit later revealed that it’s exciting to live with Rose because she has creative ideas about what can be done to the house.

Harington further suggested that he has been very open to Rose about the space that they share. Even though she has moved into his house, he has told her that she can treat it as their space. She can even change anything that she wants and chuck whatever she doesn’t like from the house.

Dating since 2012

According to a report by IBTimes, Harington confirmed his relationship with Rose in May 2016 in an interview with Vogue (Italia).

They have been secretly dating since 2012. Kit has been extremely vocal about his love for Rose. On occasions, he has stated how “easy” it is for him to fall in love with her. One of the best memories Kit has of Rose is during the time they were shooting for “Game of Thrones” in Iceland. According to him, they were shooting in Iceland for roughly three weeks. The Northern Lights of Iceland were so magical that he couldn’t help but fall deeply in love with Rose. It became easier for him to shoot the love sequences with Rose because he was already in love with her, he added.