With Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott expecting a baby girl, there have been multiple responses from the family about the situation. Everyone seems to be really excited, but we've all been waiting for the response of Kim Kardashian. After all, it has been Kim who has had the most spotlight out of the women in this family. We've finally heard how Kim initially felt about the announcement.

Kim Kardashian was not happy with the news...

Sources say that the first thing Kim said after finding out was, "Seriously?"

At a first glance, people might say that this was a selfish response.

After all, it can be truthfully said that Kim enjoys being in the spotlight. She heavily appears to love her fame, through all of the ups and downs. Her sister being pregnant would mean that some of the attention is going to be taken away from her.... Right?

Wrong. It is true that Kim Kardashian took a long time to process the news, but it wasn't necessarily for selfish reasons. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their third child, but through a surrogate. It likely seemed extremely unfair that they had to jump through so many hoops to try for a baby and end up having to hire someone to be their surrogate while Kylie was able to get pregnant so easily. While everyone knows that Kim will always support Kylie no matter what, it's easy to understand why she might be upset.

After all, it can be disappointing when things don't work out as easily for yourself.

A lot of family members are being cautiously optimistic about the situation. While they are happy for Kylie and Travis Scott, they know that the two haven't been together very long. Everyone is watching out to avoid another Blac Chyna situation from happening.

Kim's feelings about the new baby now

Now that the family has had more time to process the pregnancy, the shock has worn off and Kim's feelings have changed for the better. Everyone in the family is excited for the new baby.

It is especially exciting for Kim because her and Kanye's third child and Kylie's baby girl will be so close in age.

She has high hopes that the two cousins will grow up to be very close to each other. Sources are saying that overall, everyone in the family is excited. They're excited for new life and are all ready to focus on these new babies coming into the family. They are all saying that they are genuinely happy with the situation.

Now we're all just left waiting to hear the baby names!