Reports about Kim Kardashian having a third baby through surrogacy have been around for months. But the celebrity herself has never really officially confirmed the news. The trailer for next season’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” is finally out. The three-minute clip showcases Kim as talking to her sister, Khloe. She is seen telling her the Big News about her third child.

Kim's excitement

As noted by The Sun, Kim can be seen asking her sister about what happens. To which, Khloe admits that Kim is either pregnant or someone around her is. Kim can then be seen excitedly confirming they are having another baby.

Kim along with husband, Kanye West are expecting their third child (believed to be a girl) via surrogacy sometime in January next year. They are already parents to a four-year-old daughter, North and one-year-old son, Saint. The Sun even goes on to state that Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kylie are pregnant too. Rumors suggest both are expecting the baby in February. It goes without saying that they haven’t confirmed the news yet. So it cannot be known for sure whether they are actually expecting anything.

More about the pregnancy

Kim has been recently spotted in Los Angeles. She is seen donning a white, shimmer-like dress and owning the look. Her long blonde pony-tail is complimenting her attire.

One of the main reasons why Kim decided to have the third child via surrogacy is because of her biological condition. As was revealed in the previous seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim’s doctor has strictly advised her against having another child from Saint. Her condition is very fragile and may cause death.

The life-threatening condition stopped Kim from even considering delivering her next baby naturally.

A report by People quotes sources close to the couple as saying that they are really happy with the arrival of a new family member. The source further went on to add how they understand Kim’s medical issues and thus, didn’t have a difficult time hiring an expert surrogacy agency to serve them.

The duo has been deeply involved in the entire procedure. The celebrity has been dropping hints about the third child on many occasions. For example – in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, she was asked to comment on the reports of the third child. She responded to this by saying that they are hopeful that these reports turn out to be true. Kim has often been dubbed as an inspiration celebrity mom.