Kailyn Lowry shared a major milestone on "Teen Mom 2" recently. Kailyn has been working hard on finishing her education, even though it has taken years to get her degree. Even when she struggled to keep up and attend classes, Lowry knew it was important for her to stick to her plan. On the show, Kailyn even chose to bring her sons to class one time when she couldn't work out a schedule for her and Javi Marroquin. She's been a prime example of some of the sacrifices she had to make to get her degree with two kids and one on the way.

While it may be easy for this "Teen Mom 2" star to skip school, she worked hard to complete her degree.

Kailyn has struggled to finish school, but she was thrilled when she was done and fans saw her decorating her graduation cap with her son on the show. While Isaac may not understand the significance of her finishing school, he reveals that he's very proud of her mother. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now proving that her son Isaac is just perfect.

Isaac is a fan-favorite

For years, Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac has been a fan-favorite. He says the most adorable things on the show and fans love watching him. He is clearly proud of his mother, who has finished a college degree with two kids and one more on the way. It was a goal for Lowry to finish her school before welcoming baby Lo, who made his appearance late this summer.

It sounds like Lowry knows that her son is something special, as she revealed that she's very proud of her baby. Of course, Kailyn is also surprised by some of the things her son says. He has been through two divorces, but he is the sweetest little boy.

In fact, he is so adorable that Javi Marroquin has become best friends with Isaac, even though he was his stepfather. When Javi and Kailyn divorced, he was worried that he wouldn't see Isaac anymore.

Jo Rivera fighting for more time with him

It sounds like his father is also excited about Isaac.

On "Teen Mom 2," Jo revealed that he wanted more time with him and he went to the court to get more time with his son. Kailyn was surprised to learn that he wanted to pursue split custody, as she was happy with the arrangement. However, Kailyn felt that Javi Marroquin was also trying to take Lincoln away from her, as he also wanted 50/50 custody of his son. Even though Kailyn felt betrayed, they are just asking for equal time with their sons.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about Isaac? Do you agree that Isaac is something special?