Kailyn Lowry is busy with her newborn and a surprise trip to New York, but her ex-husband is giving her a break. Kailyn revealed that she was getting some time to herself as Isaac and Lincoln were gone for a week. Javi Marroquin had planned a trip to Disney World for them and he was excited to spend some time with the boys. Of course, Lincoln is his biological son, but he needed to request time with Isaac. After having been a stepfather to the boy, it was hard to Javi to move on and just let go when Lowry filed for divorce. He wanted to keep his relationship with his stepson.

No word on whether it was Kailyn Lowry or Jo Rivera who let Javi take Isaac to Disney World, but the "Teen Mom 2" star is loving his chance to be there for Isaac. According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband is now revealing that he's having a blast and people are changing their minds about him. Even though he was being accused of cheating on Lowry, fans have completely changed their attitudes towards him. Perhaps they are realizing that he never cheated and he was just the subject of nasty rumors.

Daddy daycare at Disney World

It sounds like Marroquin has planned this trip to Disney for a while, as the boys flew to Florida and hit up the waterpark on the first day. While he didn't overshare with pictures, he revealed that they had the best time.

"A day at the waterpark is just what we needed... thank you to the lifeguard who went on with Isaac since Lincoln can’t get on the big slides. You’re the real mvp," Javi revealed on Instagram, giving a shoutout to the lifeguard, who took the time to ensure that Isaac had a great time on the waterslides. Javi wanted to give his stepson an awesome experience, but he didn't have anyone to go with him.

Javi couldn't leave Lincoln alone.

"You, my dear, should be a role model for so many! A soldier, a father not only to his son, but another man's as well! You're inspiring!" one fan wrote to Javi Marroquin after he shared a picture of himself with the two boys at the waterpark.

People's minds are changing about him

Javi Marroquin didn't face any rude comments.

Instead, fans had plenty of praise with positive comments as fans thought he was a great stepfather. He took the time to travel with his boys and he wanted to show them a great time. No word on what their plans are going forward, but the waterpark was exciting for them all.

What did you think of Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband taking the boys to Disney World? Are you surprised that he's facing so many positive comments these days?