Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her son four weeks ago and it sounds like she's still trying to figure out a name for the little boy. When Lowry was pregnant before, she had the help of her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and husband Javi Marroquin. Therefore, she had the names Isaac and Lincoln ready when her two other sons were born. But this time around, Kailyn struggled to find a name and she doesn't have the support of Chris Lopez. When Lowry announced her pregnancy, she revealed she was doing it on her own.

This "Teen Mom 2" star may have found a name for her little boy, but she isn't sharing it.

When she was pregnant, she kept asking her fans for advice as she was exploring name options. People kept coming up with names and suggestions for her, but Lowry didn't settle on a name. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she hasn't shared a name with fans because she doesn't feel like she has to.

Does she have a name?

Since baby Lo has been in the world for about a month these days, people are guessing that Kailyn Lowry has found a name for her son. The State of Delaware does allow her to wait 90 days before giving him a legal name, so she does have two more months before giving him a legal name. When a fan reached out to her, asking about a name, Kailyn had an interesting response.

Apparently, she isn't sharing the name because all of the suggestions she received from fans were options she had heard before.

As it stands right now, Lowry hasn't given her son a name. She had suggested Milo for her son, but Chris Lopez didn't like the name for his son.

What's with the secrecy?

Fans are wondering why Kailyn Lowry is keeping the name a secret, considering she had asked her fans for advice when she was pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, she was getting daily suggestions as for names and fans were offering up both boy and girl names as she didn't know what she was having.

Now that her boy has been with her for weeks, one can imagine that Kailyn has picked a name and she's just not sharing it with the world.

It is possible that she doesn't want to share the name, as she wants to protect her baby. On social media, people have already called her son ugly and a monkey. One can imagine she doesn't want to give up too much information about her son if people are going to be mean about it.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry possibly having a name already? Do you think she should share the name with fans, as they helped her for months?