Javi Marroquin was shocked when Kailyn Lowry revealed she wanted a divorce. When Javi learned this news, he was serving in the Air Force overseas, and he was fighting for his country. He expected that his wife would be supportive during his time overseas, not suggest divorce and reveal that their marriage didn't stand a chance. Kailyn had called their marriage toxic and "Teen Mom 2" fans slowly started learning what had gone wrong. The miscarriage she suffered started a downward spiral for them. While Javi thought they could recover, Kailyn knew that her marriage was over forever.

Lowry decided to move on quickly, as she slept with his best friend after they split. She later got pregnant just one month after a judge finalized their divorce. Marroquin was shocked to learn that she was pregnant and it caused him to lash out. However, these days, Javi is singing a different tune. According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he will always love Kailyn, no matter what happens. This is surprising news, considering they have been fighting on social media since their split.

Raised to love

On Twitter, Javi Marroquin reveals that he was raised to love people who he once loved. In other words, he was raised to love and respect Kailyn Lowry even though he may not be in love with her anymore.

The two have finalized their divorce, and it sounds like they are indeed moving on with their lives. But Marroquin reveals he was always raised to love the people who were a bit part of his life. In other words, Lowry may receive respect and support from Marroquin once his initial anger and frustration settle.

It is admirable that he claims to love Kailyn still, considering she placed a protection from abuse order against him.

This was something that could possibly ruin his career. She has done several things to hurt him, but he maintains a love for her.

Finding someone new

Of course, Javi Marroquin has dated other women since leaving his wife behind. He has been linked to several women, but it sounds like the relationships don't last. Sometimes, the relationships are long-distance, and other times, cheating rumors are involved.

These days, it sounds like Marroquin is single and he doesn't seem too eager to settle down. One can imagine he just wants to focus on his career, his health, and his sons.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin admitting that he still has the love for Kailyn? Are you surprised considering everything she's put him through?