Jenelle Evans got married this Saturday to David Eason, and based on her Instagram posts, it sounds like she had a dream Wedding. Evans was super excited about becoming Mrs. Eason, as she and David had been planning the wedding for months. They knew they wanted to get married in the summer and outside, so they felt this year was better than next year. On "Teen Mom 2," fans learned that she was planning on having her wedding on a day where Jace would stay with her. That way, her mother could not prevent Jace from attending the wedding.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans wanted Jace to play an important role at her wedding.

Based on her social media posts, he walked his mother down the aisle. Jenelle doesn't have a relationship with her biological father and she couldn't think of anyone else to do this for her. Of course, Jace didn't play a role in his mother's first wedding, so one can imagine he's proud to be involved. He was wearing his tuxedo and he was beaming as he stood in support of his mother at the altar.

Son learning his role

For years, Jenelle Evans has tried to get her son involved in her life. She has filed to get custody of him several times, but every time, the judge has sided with her mother. In May, she learned that her mother had gained full custody of him, but she had received new guidelines which prevented Barbara from keeping Jace from Evans.

Even though Barbara had hinted that Jace didn't like David, it appears that he was excited about partaking in the wedding.

"I was extremely honored to be walked down the isle by this little man. He was happy for us, that's all that mattered for my big day. None of my family attended my wedding and I do not care, this boy is who mattered in the end.

Jace did a great job and was super excited for the wedding to start!" Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with Jace.

Still a chance for full custody

Since Jenelle doesn't have contact with her father, he wasn't invited. She doesn't speak to her siblings either. Barbara wasn't invited because she had actively kept Jace away from his mother for a long time.

Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley were the only family members that attended the weekend. Even though she doesn't have full custody of Jace, there's still a chance in the future. She has to file a case to get custody back and a judge will have to decide. It sounds like there's still a chance.

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