Jenelle Evans didn't say much about her court case on Twitter when it took place back in May, but she's now opening up about the case on "Teen Mom 2." Jenelle didn't open up on social media about losing custody of her son Jace, but on the show, Evans reveals that while she was devastated about losing her son, she does get something out of it. Her mother can no longer keep her son away from her whenever she pleases. Jenelle has revealed that her mother has often played games in regards to Jace, but she can no longer keep Jace over a weekend when she's promised time with her daughter.

On Twitter, Evans is revealing that she doesn't have a relationship with her mother anymore. She has revealed that she no longer calls her mother, but instead just calls her Barbara. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that everything she's doing to her mother makes sense. She feels completely betrayed by her own mother, who is keeping Jace away from her. Evans feels that her mother is going above and beyond to keep her son away from her, especially when it comes to using the court system and her past mistakes against her.

Unseen drama?

Jenelle Evans also hints that there's plenty of drama to come on "Teen Mom 2." Despite going to court to settle the custody agreement, Evans is revealing that her mother has put her through more drama.

Apparently, the judge's ruling wasn't enough to settle the drama between them. As Barbara told her producer from MTV, her relationship with her daughter is completely ruined. There's no coming back from their drama.

It's very interesting that Jenelle Evans claims that the season is going to be even more insane because of her mother.

Jenelle has revealed that she has caught Barbara drinking and driving with Jace in the car, and she also kept Jace from Jenelle on Mother's Day. Many of these actions are hurtful to Jenelle and they all add up against Barbara.

Wedding to David Eason

These days, Jenelle Evans is focused on her upcoming wedding to David. The two are getting married this Saturday and Barbara is not invited to the wedding.

Evans claims that her mother has done too much damage to their relationship and there's no turning back. Jenelle has revealed that once she gets Jace back, she will eliminate her mother from her life completely. There's no reason for her to keep Barbara in her life after she gets Jace back.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about her mother? What do you think her mother has done that hasn't been shown on "Teen Mom 2?"