Jenelle Evans got married this weekend to David Eason and she is excited to be his wife. She had been planning her Wedding for a while, as she wanted a summer wedding. With the baby's arrival in January, Jenelle felt she could picture herself getting married this summer. With David and Jenelle marrying this weekend, it is possible that Evans wanted to get married because of Jace. If she could prove to the courts that she was living in a stable home with a stable husband, perhaps the judge would consider giving Jace back to her.

However, the "Teen Mom 2" star revealed that she had lost custody of Jace during her recent court battle with her mother.

The judge revealed that Jenelle wasn't ready to care for little Jace and it was ruled that Barbara should keep Jace in her care. Evans was devastated as she had hoped that she could finally bring Jace home and be the mother to him that she had always wanted to be. Sadly, the drama regarding Jenelle's life continued in the press, as reports surfaced that she had almost called off the wedding the night before. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now setting the record straight about the drama that happened the night before the wedding.

Admits to pre-wedding drama

Even though she didn't call off the wedding, Jenelle Evans admits that they both had some pre-wedding anxiety. Of course, getting married is a big decision and it is possible that they were both nervous about the nuptials.

But Evans reveals that her wedding was perfect and her night was great.

It sounds like Jenelle's drama is being blown out of control.

Many people go through pre-wedding anxiety, but they may not be calling off the wedding or questioning whether they are sure about their decision.

Mom-daughter drama

The drama that happened the night before the wedding has nothing to do with Jenelle's mother. She revealed that she wasn't inviting her mother to the wedding because of the drama that happened between them.

She chose not to invite Barbara because she feels that her mother is keeping Jace from her. She has revealed that she's disappointed that her mother doesn't want to work with her because of the drama that they have experienced. While Evans really wants her son back, her mother is doing everything she can to keep Jace from Jenelle and David. One can imagine that things won't ease up now that they are married.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' comments about her pre-wedding anxiety?