Jenelle Evans got married this past Saturday and it was exciting for her to finally become a wife again. Even though she was briefly married to Courtland Rogers, she never got her dream wedding with her kids involved and a big white dress. But when she met David Eason, she started dreaming about getting married again. The two had a daughter, and they recently were engaged on top of the mountain. Evans revealed that she was excited about being Mrs. Eason and she has already changed her name on Twitter.

When Jenelle Evans walked down the aisle, some people felt that they could see a baby bump.

Perhaps the "Teen Mom 2" star wanted to get married before she gave birth to her fourth child. One person on Twitter revealed that Evans was indeed pregnant and she knew this because of inside sources. However, Jenelle isn't happy about these pregnancy rumors, especially since she has just lost custody of Jace. Plus, she doesn't want people thinking that she's pregnant with a baby to replace Jace. According to a new Tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's not pregnant and she has a pretty honest answer when it comes to all of the pregnancy questions.

Not pregnant

On Twitter, Jenelle Evans decided to address the pregnancy rumor. She revealed that she was not pregnant at the time she was walking down the aisle and she isn't planning on becoming pregnant.

In fact, she's now bursting a few bubbles, because she has Mirena.

One follower wrote that perhaps Jenelle Evans was just fat during her wedding, as she sported a small pouch in her wedding dress. Maybe she hasn't lost all of the baby weight from Ensley, as she just gave birth to Ensley in January.

It's also possible she just wanted to get married now, so they could have their summer wedding.

Not ruling out another baby

Even though Jenelle Evans isn't pregnant now, it sounds like she isn't ruling out another baby. Evans has revealed that she isn't planning on having a baby right now, as she has her hands full with Ensley.

Plus, she had previously said that she wouldn't want another baby until she got Jace back. She recently lost custody of Jace, so he isn't returning to her care anytime soon. Barbara won custody of him and he's required to legally stay with her until further notice. Things are even getting worse with Barbara, as she wasn't invited to the wedding.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' tweet about not being pregnant? Do you think she's planning on having another baby?