James Corden recently received a lot of backlash after Variety Magazine tweeted a photo of him kissing Sean Spicer at the emmys. Not only are fans of Corden giving out harsh comments, but so too are some celebrities like Zach Braff of “Scrubs.”

However, Corden has described his disappointment in himself about the issue.

'The Late Late Show' host, James Corden recently took it upon himself during his show to say he was disappointed in himself.

Mashable quoted him as saying. "Now, I know you think that’s a picture of me kissing Sean Spicer, but in the spirit of Sean Spicer, no it isn’t. I mean, anyone ever have that feeling when you get a little drunk and you wake up the next morning and you think, ‘oh god, who did I kiss last night?'" he joked. "It’s a bit like that.”

However, backlash still met him when Zach Braff tweeted “I’m not ready to laugh ‘with’ Sean Spicer. I think he is an evil, opportunistic liar that hurt our country.”

Corden also added that everyone at the Emmys was also “kissing a**” that night," and that he only happened to kiss the biggest one.

Similar to Jimmy Fallon’s Trump interview

Corden is not seen as a political person in late night television. However, since the photo of him kissing Spicer at the Emmys was released, fans and meme makers have drawn up comparisons to Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” incident last year.

Fallon playfully messed up Trump’s hair during an interview on his show.

Afterwards, the late night show host also admitted that it did not do any good to his reputation.

People are now using Corden’s photo of kissing Spicer as a meme just as what they did with Fallon. Tweets are flying left and right about how unhappy they were with the photo that was circulated through Instagram by Variety.

Lesson learned for James Corden?

During the Emmys, Sean Spicer did a skit that poked fun at himself and also President Trump. Spicer made references to President Trump’s inauguration joking about the size of the crowd during Stephen Colbert’s monologue.

Many people were not pleased with Spicer’s appearance as he is known to have “lied to the American people,” according to Corden during his “Late Late Show”.

It seems that Corden had dug himself a grave when he said that everyone was “kissing a**” that night. However, he also said that he needs to learn how to just shake hands. He also promised that the kiss was a one-time thing, and it will not be repeated.

Although James Corden’s apology segment has not yet been uploaded to YouTube, it can easily be found on the CBS website.