Jana Duggar, the eldest Duggar daughter, has remained single at the age of 27. While for most people, this isn't a big deal, in the world of the Duggars, it is pretty much reaching old maid status. In a household where most young women marry at the age of 19 or 20, the young woman's marital status, or lack thereof, has been a huge concern amongst fans who have been linking her with a wide variety of young men for the past several years. Jana has been linked to several family friends, including the Lawson Bates, who stars in their mega-family's show, "Bringing Up Bates." After those rumors were slammed, it was speculated that the eldest daughter was courting former NFL player Tim Tebow.

Fans now believe the 27-year-old is courting family friend Jacob Wilson.

The evidence of Jana's courtship

There isn't a lot of evidence that Jana Duggar is dating family friend, Jacob Wilson, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating. He has been appearing in several family photos with the Duggars, though isn't always seated next to Jana. This hasn't tipped off the radar for some, as the Duggars have very strict rules regarding courtship and physical affection before marriage. In their religion, they are not allowed to kiss or hug until marriage, and may only "side hug" a few times a day. They are allowed to hold hands once they get engaged.

Other evidence of Jana's relationship with Jacob includes the fact that Jim Bob Duggar, her father, gave Jacob $500 to travel down to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey relief.

To many, Jim Bob dropping that kind of money clearly means that Jacob is involved with the family in some way, though Jana has yet to reveal to her fans that she is seeing anyone.

Will she stay at home forever?

Some fans worry that Jana Duggar will stay at home with her family forever. The 27-year-old still lives with her mom and dad, despite being old enough to be independent.

In the Duggar's religion, a woman is not to leave home until she is ready to tie the knot with her spouse. Jana has expressed some feelings of being left out since all of her close in age sisters have found their partner but lives at home at helps with the younger children. Many have criticized Jana's mother, Michelle Duggar, saying that she is using Jana to ensure that has helped to raise her large brood. There have also been unconfirmed rumors that Jana is a lesbian, which would definitely be a big scandal for the Duggar family and cause for concealing Jana in their home.