The former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to appear on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on September 19. This will be her first late night interview since last year’s election.

Hillary Clinton teaming up with Stephen Colbert

CBS announced on Thursday that during her first appearance, the audiences and producers of the show are expecting her to talk about her new memoir What Happenedwhich will be released on September 12. Clinton will explain it all once again.

Her new book “What Happened” is a documentation of her experiences in running against the now-president Donald Trump, which she will discuss with Stephen Colbert.

According to New York Times, Clinton’s spokesperson said in a brief email that the former politician is looking forward to her appearance on the late-night show.

Hillary Clinton appeared on the late-night show back in 2015, where she brought laughter to the audience and television viewers as she talked about her husband’s successes as president.

In the same appearance, she also talked about her campaign and the reason why she wanted to become president. Stephen Colbert asked her if running for president was any fun, Clinton said that it is indeed fun on some days.

Aside from her upcoming appearance on the late-night show hosted by Stephen Colbert, the former democratic candidate will also appear on “CBS Sunday Morning” on September 10, where she will sit down with Jane Pauley for her first television interview.

She is expected to talk about her views on Donald Trump’s current administration as well as other topics related to politics which includes FBI Director James Comey’s influence in last year’s election and how her life has changed since then.

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a creep in ‘What Happened’

A few weeks ago, the former politician released an excerpt from an audio book with MSNBC saying that during the second presidential debate, Donald Trump was looming behind her and it made her feel really uncomfortable.

A leaked page also talked about how Bernie Sanders and his supporters affected her run for president.

She said that two days before the said debate, Trump was bragging about groping women and then the two of them were both on the same stage with Trump staring and making faces at her. Clinton noted that this experience was unnerving.

Now that it’s almost one year after she has lost the election to Trump, Clinton is about to recount her fun and not-so-fun memories during the campaign and election period.

In the book’s introduction, Hillary Clinton wrote that in the past, although she wanted to explain her experiences, she felt as if she had to be careful in public. Through her new book “What Happened”, she said that she is now letting her guard down.