HBO confirmed on Wednesday night that the emmy powerhouse comedy series veep will end after its seventh season in 2018. The comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus was praised by critics and has won Emmy Awards.

The final season

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the role of Selina Meyers, said that she and her co-executive producer David Mandel thought long and hard about when the comedy series will come to an end. They were undecided until they found their spot and let the story dictate a finale that satisfies them instead.

The series revolves around the story of Selina Meyer who puts out political fires and juggles her public and private life. She does everything within her limited capacity and powers to improve her rather problematic relationship with her chief executive.

The award-winning actress said that it has become clear to them that the seventh season will be the last because it has a finality to it that seems appropriate for the series’ ending.

The decision to end the series did not come easy, according to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as her role as the vice president has been a role of a lifetime for her. She has incredibly won five consecutive Emmys for outstanding lead actress for “Veep” and is up for her sixth this year.

“Veep” has been nominated six times for six seasons for best series, and won two in a row. This year, the series has been nominated again and will go head on with FX's "Atlanta." The award ceremony will be on September 17.

'The time is right and the ending makes sense'

David Mandel said that ending “Veep” is bittersweet but nonetheless it’s right.

He said they don’t want to repeat themselves and be boring just for the sake of the continuity of the show.

Mandel also added that he, together with the 10 show writers, has broken all the episodes for the seventh and final season of “Veep." The team has found their landing spot and the production for the final season will begin in October.

Hollywood Reporter wrote that Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming president, also shared his thoughts saying that the decision of the producers to conclude the show should be respect. Bloys also was a part of the show’s development and has become attached to the series itself and the cast.

With “Veep” coming to an end, both the fans and the crew are excited for what the upcoming finale has in store. There are no definite dates yet, but the series’ final season will air on HBO in 2018.