Another published work from George R.R. Martin, the man behind "Game of Thrones," is getting an adaptation on the small screen. "Nightflyers” received a series order from Syfy with a potential deal with Netflix for distribution.

"Nightflyers" will have Dan Cerone ("The Blacklist") as its showrunner, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Mike Cahill has been tapped to direct the pilot episode from a script that Jeff Buhler ("Jacob's Ladder") will write.

The number of episodes for the first season of “Nightflyers” was not determined, as well as the targeted timeline for the show's airing on Syfy.

Additional details, including casting, will be revealed in the coming months.

What is this show about?

"Nightflyers" is about a highly-advanced spaceship and its crew of scientists and a telepath. Set after the Earth's demise and years into the future, the crew charts its new destination and encounters an alien ship in the galaxy.

The crew eventually suspects that this ship and its captain, who has never been seen, might be sabotaging their plans. Conflicts and tension among the ranks also ensue.

The tale is part of George R.R. Martin’s collection of short stories. He calls this a sci-fi and horror hybrid.

This isn't the first screen adaptation for the "Nightflyers," however. There was a 1987 movie version that starred Catherine Mary Stewart and Michael Praed.

Robert Jaffe wrote its screenplay and he will now serve as executive producer of the TV show.

Will George R.R. Martin write the episodes?

George R. R. Martin, however, won't be involved with the development and production of "Nightflyers." He simply gave the producers the freedom to develop the show based on his work. He wrote on his Livejournal blog that he already sold the TV and film rights to this story in the '80s.

Martin also has an exclusive commitment with HBO, which means he can't work for other networks. The author also has a goal to finish his long-awaited novel, "The Winds of Winter."

Martin gave up writing "Game of Thrones" episodes after season 6 since his goal is to deliver his latest book by 2018. The author, however, serves as consultants for the TV projects that are based on his works, including the numerous “Game of Thrones” spinoffs that HBO plans to make in the next few years.

Syfy announced back in May that it was interested in developing “Nightflyers” in its bid to revamp its programming and branding, as per Variety. In June, the network placed a pilot order for the show.