"Game of Thrones" TV show will finish with Season 8. Fan wait eagerly for the final season. All kinds of speculation and guesses are shaping after final episode of Season 7. So what might be expected in Season 8? Some clues about possible developments can be found in the following articles: Would Tyrion betray Daenerys? and Viserion is a White Walker dragon. In my personal opinion, we should expect that the remaining set of Main Characters will be reduced by half, at least. After all, the Great War has started, hasn't it?

Night King

I expect that the Night King will be destroyed by end of Season 8.

He is a magical creature and he (or better - it?) could be destroyed by some magic of a similar kind or some magical object of great power. As the first of his kind, and very old, he has accrued great knowledge and wisdom. I would describe him a the counter to everything human, and he is a kind of instrument of destruction with a sole purpose to destroy the human race in the fantasy world of "Game of Thrones." I doubt that he/it has any passions or feelings except intellect and a need to destroy living beings. So, he is a kind of ultimate curse to humans and other living beings and some residue of that evil might remain. We might expect some prequels and spinoffs.

Cersei Lannister

The fate of Cersei Lannister is sealed and I say that with certainty.

She going to die in Season 8 of "Game of Thrones," but of course, her child will be born alive and healthy. The whole of Season 8 will be short, consisting of only 6 episodes, according to HBO, so a lot has to happen very quickly. Some may hate her, some may admire her, but, she is definitely very much a leading character in the world of "Game of Thrones."

Jon Snow

Jon Snow, the resurrected hero of Westeros, King of the North and probably most the righteous heir to the Iron Throne, will be the leader of a human army fighting the undead army of wights commanded by the Night King.

He will probably survive through to the end of Season 8 and he might be considered best candidate for ruler of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms. He represents some of best human traits of personality and intellect. He is a true hero in "Game of Thrones" and as we know, heroes don’t die easily.

Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy might be expected to redeem himself and that redemption is going to be in the form of saving his sister Yara Greyjoy from captivity and certain death. It will happen about half way through season 8 of "Game of Thrones" and he is expected to live to the end.