Brock Lesnar remains the WWE Universal Champion, unsurprisingly winning over Braun Strowman at WWE “No Mercy” last weekend. It was a brutal affair seeing how the “Monster Among Men” was no easy picking for the “Beast Incarnate.” But was it the right outcome?

Lesnar, 40, is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars the WWE has to date. He is seen sparingly, part of his contract which allows him to appear less frequently than other rising stars. Popularity is a driving factor to that, though keeping him up and about is connected. The WWE has been pushing several young stars, particularly Roman Reigns.

The word out is that Lesnar and Reigns will meet again at "Wrestlemania 34," where the latter will more likely come out the winner.

Reigns quietly in the background

Reigns has had his share of criticism, much of which was the immediate push to the top. WWE fans took exception and the creative team used different measures to restart the “Big Dog’s” push. So far, he has hung in there, engaging different personalities to keep himself busy. In the Sept. 25 edition of WWE “Raw”, Reigns came out to boast about his big win over John Cena at “No Mercy.” Initially, Reigns appeared on “Miz TV” and announced he was looking to fight Lesnar for the Universal title. While all that made sense, it looks like he has turned his attention on the Intercontinental title currently held by “The Miz.”

With yet another railroaded attempt, the thing here is that Reigns and Lesnar will collide at some point.

Based on previous years, that stage could be set by the WWE “Royal Rumble” 2018. Prior pay-per-views could plot the seeds and set the stage of yet another brutal encounter at “Wrestlemania 34.”

Beastly exit in 2018?

Lesnar is on his final contract with the WWE, something that could be his last one. This situation is hard to pre-empt considering the pact can be renewed without both the WWE and Lesnar needed to make it formal.Outside of that, does the WWE still need Lesnar around?

With plenty of stars, the Vince McMahon-owned company could use him but maybe only to a certain extent. He is a crowd-drawer – with or without a WWE title belt. Unless the “Beast” has other plans, it is likely that he will stay around as a backup plan in case other WWE stars falter.

At his age, most know that past stars like Lesnar would be slowing down at this point. The reigning Universal Champion is well-accomplished, meaning the WWE may need to start facing the fact that a new star must be born soon.