After the intense incident that happened on a private plane, the couple has had enough. Many people were shocked when the news came out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are talking about divorce. Their marriage was something that a lot of people look up to. Fans were surprised and disappointed at how badly it fell apart. The couple was reportedly angry with each other and it looked like there was no going back.

However, weeks after their turbulent separation, reports are doing the rounds that the couple has regained their romance. What really happened?

Are Brad And Angelina really back together?

Counseling did the job

Rejoice, Brangelina fans! The couple is back together, said biographer Ian Halperin. Halperin is the Hollywood pair’s biographer and revealed the two are together again less than a year after declaring their separation in 2016. According to Halperin, it was Brad who took initiative to approach Angelina, after that the two held each other for a long time.

The biographer revealed that Brad and Angelina resolved their issue through a “Jesus meeting.” Halperin also revealed that the Brangelina are planning to “re-couple” and is currently undergoing spiritual counseling to help their relationship.

Divorce might still be on the way

Looking back on the incident with their son Maddox, Halperin shared that Angelina was furious with Brad back then.

According to the biographer, the incident was so so bad that their friends and family thought they might never recover. However, they both soon realize that their place is with each other. He also added that both actors can’t live apart and are very much still in love.

Despite their rekindling relationship, Halperin said that he wouldn’t say that Brad and Angelina are not going ahead with the divorce.

The actors might use the legal procedure as a fresh start to a new chapter of their lives.

In other news, Angelina has recently opened up about her single life. The actress shared that things have been very difficult for her. Angelina has also explained how it has been emotionally difficult for her this past year. She said that she doesn't enjoy being single, and explained that she cannot see anything nice about being single; she just finds it hard.

In the meantime, Brad Pitt apologized to Jennifer Aniston, his ex-wife, for treating her so badly when he got into a relationship with Angelina Jolie.

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