One of the various plot threads that run through “Salvation,” a CBS TV show about an asteroid headed on a collision course with the Earth, consist of the machinations of a hacker group called “Resist” or as some spell it “Resyst.” The mainly millennial members of the group appear to report to a mysterious leader who is never seen or identified. During the final episode of the first season, the agenda of the group becomes evident. It means to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, presumably to eliminate the two great powers for reasons that remain unclear.

The plot thread is very reminiscent of something the occurred in an old James Bond movie, which suggests a big reveal in a potential second season.

‘Salvation’ seems to have borrowed from ‘You Only Live Twice’

In 1967, Sean Connery starred as James Bond in the fifth movie featuring the British superspy in the fifth movie in the franchise, “You Only Live Twice.” The film featured a plot by the evil private organization, Spectre, to touch off a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. It hoped to accomplish this fear, in collusion with China, by using a spacecraft to seize American and Soviet spacecraft and sequestering them and their crews in a secret base inside a dormant volcano in Japan.

Each side would blame the other and war would break out. Bond foils the plan along with a team of Japanese ninjas and a beautiful Ama fisherwoman.

The Resist version features using a cyber attack to blow up an American and then a Russian warship. As with the Bond Movie plot, the idea is that each country blames the other. As the episode ends, missiles are headed for Washington and the outcome is somewhat unclear.

A scenario for season two of ‘Salvation’

All of those brings us to something that could happen in Season Two of the series, provided that the network allows it to take place. Presumably, American missile defenses, perhaps with the help of Darius’ own cyberwar capabilities, will stop the nuclear attack and then the two sides can be persuaded to stand down.

Then, the task is to find out who the mysterious leader of Resist is and put a stop to his evil plans for world domination. Mind, it would be too much to ask for the guy to be an East European wearing a gray Nehru jacket and stroking a Persian kitty. However, wilder things have happened on “Salvation.” The Resist plot is certainly worthy of something that Ernst Stavero Blofeld would imagine.