Zendaya is using her celebrity status for a greater purpose! During her acceptance speech for her Choice Summer Movie Actress recognition at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, the 20-year-old actress encouraged her fans to use their voice to speak up on societal issues and against violence.

Actress sends powerful message to young fans in the wake of Charlottesville

She mainly addressed her young fans and asked them to be updated on what is happening in their country and the world. "I need for you guys to be educated, I need you to listen, I need you to pay attention," she said.

The actress went on to remind the Younger Generation of their right to take charge of their feelings and opinions regarding certain issues. "I need you to go ahead and understand that you have a voice and it's okay to use it when you see something bad happening," Zendaya continued.

The "Shake It Up" alum wanted the younger generation to realize that the future of this nation is in their hands and to remind them of their responsibility to make this world a better place.

"You're the leaders! You're the future leaders of the of the world. You're the future presidents, the future senators," Zendaya addressed the crowd at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

The Disney actress ended her speech with a reminder for the youth to be serious about their responsibility and role in creating a better future for those who are next in line.

Rally turned into casualty

Zendaya's powerful speech came after a White nationalist rally in Charlottesville turned into chaos that led to the death of a 32-year-old woman. According to ABC, far-right extremists held a protest, called "Unite the Right," that was met by counter-protests on Saturday.

Apparently, a man crashed into a bunch of counter-protesters that resulted to a casualty and has left more than 30 others injured with five of them in critical condition.

The perpetrator was charged with murder on the same day. Aside from the woman killed at the rally, two other state troopers died when their helicopter crashed while monitoring the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On Sunday, Gov. Terry McAuliffe led a prayer rally where he denounced the occurrence and ordered the extremists to leave their city.

Mike Pence also released a statement and condemned the act of violence. The vice president went on to guarantee that the government will not tolerate hate and violence from these groups.

"These dangerous fringe groups have no place in American public life and the American debate, and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms," he added.