Wayward Pinesseason 2 concluded last year on a rather abrupt note. Since then, the fans have been anticipating for the arrival of the show’s next season loyally. Unfortunately, the show-runners didn’t provide any updates regarding the same immediately after the second season concluded. In fact, an update regarding the show’s second season didn’t surface for so long that the fans started believing that there might not be a third season altogether. However, the author of the book that the show is based on, Blake Crouch recently confirmed that there might be a season three of “Wayward Pines” in the making.

Season 3 in the immediate future?

If reports are believed to be true, then FOX network entertainment is finally toying with the idea of filming another season of “Wayward Pines.” As mentioned previously, Blake Crouch in a recent interview with a media publication was asked for an update regarding the upcoming season of “Wayward Pines.” To which, she replied by saying that there might be chances that a third season might be created in the immediate future. “Wayward Pines” TV show is based on her novels. The novels fall in the ‘Science-fiction’ category and the storyline of the same essentially follows the lives of the people living in Wayward Pines — a town described to be mysterious by nature.

The show stars actors such as Djimon Hounsou, Nimrat Kaur, Josh Helman, Kacey Rohl, Tom Stevens, Hope Davis, Shannyn Sossamon, Carla Gugino, and Toby Jones. It is still uncertain whether all of the cast members will be making a comeback if the third season is actually in the making. Following Blake Crouch comment, FOX chairman Gary Newman confirmed that while they cannot say for sure whether they will be making a third season, however, for now, it is certain that they won’t be premiering any newer seasons this summer at least.

Major cliffhanger at the end of the last season

“Wayward Pines” season 2, as mentioned before, ended on a rather abrupt note. The finale episode of “Wayward Pines” season 2 witnessed Abbie’s family as surviving their difficult journey and moving on to living a life with a new-born human baby. The fans even got to witness the main characters as descending into their respective pods and going off to sleep.

This is where the second season of “Wayward Pines” was seen as ending. Fans thought of this as a major cliffhanger as it is not suggested as to what will take place next. However, according to Crouch, the ending was open-minded and fans had enough space to judge for themselves as to what will take place next.