vicki gunvalson and Tamra Judge are no longer friends based on various accusations and rumors that have been surfacing for the past couple of years between these two reality stars.

Last year, while filming “The Real Housewives of Orange County," Tamra decided that she wanted to forgive Vicki for being involved with the cancer scandal. At the time, Vicki was accused of lying about Brooks Ayers because she wanted sympathy from her friends.

Vicki admitted to fabricating some facts, but she revealed that she didn't know he was lying about having cancer at all.

Brooks himself has revealed that he knew nothing about what was going on and she should be completely vindicated. But her co-stars don't necessarily feel the same way and Tamra questioned whether she could truly trust her former friend again.

‘RHOC’ veteran touches upon a sore subject

Last year, Tamra gave Vicki another chance but things quickly went sour between them when Vicki decided to give fuel to the rumor about Tamra’s husband possibly being gay.

Tamra was furious that he wouldn't put out the fire when she heard the story initially and she flipped out during a trip to Ireland. According to Gunvalson’s Bravo blog, it sounds like Vicki wants to say nice things about her friend Tamra even though Judge may have absolutely no interest in forgiving her.

Rather than staying out of trouble, Gunvalson decided to comment on Tamra's parental alienation case, which is taking much of her time these days.

According to a new Bravo blog post, Vicki is now revealing that she thinks it's incredibly brave of her former friend to speak out about parental alienation. Many of her co-stars are very surprised and supportive of the situation that she's in and they all wish the best for her.

It is interesting that Vicki is choosing to discuss this matter in her blog post because they are no longer friends.

Is she entitled to a public opinion?

One can imagine that Judge doesn't really want her former friend to talk about such an emotional topic considering she knows absolutely nothing about the situation. However, luckily for Tamra, the comments from Vicki are sweet and supportive and it sounds like she just wants the best for her former friend.

Maybe it hurts her to see Tamra in pain, as she hasn't talked to her daughter in upwards of four years.

Tamra has revealed that her daughter Sidney hasn't talked to her in four years because of her divorce from Simon Barney. The two used to be really close at one time when she was married to Simon but during the divorce, it sounds like Sidney may have picked sides. It might not have helped if Simon said negative things about her. Based on her commentary, Judge may be working things out with her daughter slowly but surely.

Are you surprised that Vicki Gunvalson is making comments about her former friend’s parental alienation case? Do you think she should just keep quiet on the matter since it is such a sensitive subject and she has already gotten in trouble before with the comments?